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Columbus Day Sale on PreciseLOOP antennas and NEW PreciseLOOP field test video released

Columbus Day Sale on PreciseLOOP antennas and NEW PreciseLOOP field test video released

SAVE BIG! To celebrate Columbus Day, we are offering all PreciseLOOP antennas at a BIG discount. Hurry, order right away. This sale is limited to the first 30 customers.                    

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PreciseLOOP Application Note Published

New PreciseLOOP Appnote and Data Sheet. In response to a number of inquiries from our customers, we have published an appnote covering the new PreciseLOOP antennas. In addition to a technical description, it also gives detailed information of the PreciseLOOP specifications. Among the topics covered are maximizing gain, radiation patterns, loop current, SWR plots, comparisons […]

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FREE DPM6000 Power Meter Upgrade

FREE DPM6000 POWER METER UPGRADE Users of the popular DPM6000 Power Meter may have their unit upgraded FREE with new firmware (V2.40) and a minor mod in the log amplifier module to improve the frequency response flatness. Units shipped prior to 9/1/17 only specified the frequency range (50KHz to 500 MHz) but not the frequency […]

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TDR Pulse Generator provided with individual calibration data

Our latest manufacturing run (manufactured in the USA) of our popular TDR pulse generator now features individualy calibratd TDR pulse data and pulse outputs rise times times under 150 ps. Each unit in this manufacturing run calibrated and performed better than our published specifications. Feedback from current users has been positive, and no firmware upgrades are […]

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PreciseRF launches YouTube channel with TDR tutorial

We are excited with the launch of the PreciseRF YouTube channel. The first in a series of application videos is the TDR Tutorial Video. Our customers wanted  video instruction and demonstration. For this production the foundation of this new video came from our application notebook. This new video running time is 23 minutes.  It covers the basics of […]

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Application note featuring the new TDR-CableScout ® released.

Aurora, Oregon PreciseRF published a new application note entitled “Using TDR for Measuring Transmission Lines in Ham Radio Installations” This application note reviews the elements of transmission line measurement in the ham radio environment. It demonstrates how you can measure line impedance, return loss, SWR, velocity factor, distance to fault and line losses using pulse […]

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Updated application note released

Application note entitled “Measuring Return Loss with an oscilloscope and a Return Loss Bridge (RLB)” has been completely re-written. We expanded and made corrections to this application note. There existed some confusion as to the definition of “return loss” particularly whether it is a positive or negative quantity. Also improved is the step-by-step procedure on […]

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Linearity upgrade introduced

A new low level detecter provides QRP (low power) demodulation with high linearity at 100% modulation levels. This unique bias scheme is entirely passive and does not require an external power source. This new circuit was developed by the design team at the W1RMS labs.

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