W1RMS Roger in his “shack”

PreciseRF was created by retired Tektronix engineer Roger M. Stenbock (W1RMS). At Tektronix he was a design engineer for the 2200 series oscilloscopes FG501, FG502, FG503 and FG504 function generators.

He noted that while there are a number of cost effective SWR measurement devices available, no affordable precision wide band RF samplers, directional couplers, return loss bridges and wide band demodulators were readily available for the amateur radio enthusiast with access to a low cost scope.

Rob KI6HNA at his engineering bench & “Shack”

Robert Kirkpatrick (KI6HNA) brings over 35 years of electronic design, manufacturing and compliance testing experience from Silicon Valley most notably in the high-end consumer electronics field. Receiving his amateur radio general class licenses in 2009 Rob has joined Roger in the development of the PreciseRF product line by reviewing designs, making design suggestions and improvements and then developing the actual products for manufacturing. His knowledge about components, CAD tools, PCB design, vendor and suppliers allows him to make quick turn-around on prototype designs.

Travis in his well equiped computer lab putting the finished touches on our website

Travis Cannon is a software engineer and technology consultant. With degrees in Computer and Software Engineering from Oregon Institute of Technology, as well as an MBA from Portland State University, he brings a unique blend of business and technical savvy to his clients.

Audrie hard at work building the popular station monitor

Audrie Crane has been with PreciseRF since day one. In addition to being our key manufacturing person, you’ll find her also at the order desk. She is no newcomer to the high technology market place, having distinguished herself at MentorPlus Software, Inc. and Stenbock Communications, Inc. She  prides herself  in delivering the best possible product quality, customer service, while keeping the whole operation running.

The well equipped W1RMS lab #