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Updated application note released

appnote logoApplication note entitled “Measuring Return Loss with an oscilloscope and a Return Loss Bridge (RLB)” has been completely re-written. We expanded and made corrections to this application note. There existed some confusion as to the definition of “return loss” particularly whether it is a positive or negative quantity. Also improved is the step-by-step procedure on how to measure return loss in every day ham radio applications.

We thank our customers who gave us their valuable time in providing us feedback. Without their help the improvements would have been more difficult. We encourage all our customers to contact me here at PreciseRF with their recommendations and any feedback which will improve our products. We advertise and support eHam and QRZ.  Reviews on either site will  help other hams select products for their ham radio activities.

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Roger W1RMS


1 thought on “Updated application note released

  1. RLB-E Return Loss Bridge 2-500MHz External Reference have used it to check antennas
    tune duplxers works good wish it had a internal reference. would be better for me i dont use 75 ohm or 300ohm. wish it went to 1 gig. but in all its a great. very nice
    and easy to use with hp 8924c good job would buy again thanks

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