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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: New products to be announced at May 20-22, 2016 Hamvention


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DPM 6000 Lab-Grade SWR/Power Meter introduced. 

Dayton Ohio May 19, 2016 PreciseRF today introduced, for immediate sale, two exciting new products at the annual Hamvention in Dayton Ohio (Booth NH0169 NH0170b). They are the DPM6000 lab-grade SWR/power meter and the TP1-PRO tuning pulser and SSB standard (see the following page).


The new DPM6000 raises the bar in RF power measurements. The DPM6000 digital SWR/power meter provides the high accuracy demanded by ham radio operators and engineers alike, at a price that’s affordable. It provides superior accuracy and a dynamic range of 70 dB.

It is the only SWR/power meter with a built in temperature compensated calibrated Power Reference (1 mW 0 dBm 50 MHz) allowing instant field calibration of the DPM6000. Traditional power meters for ham radio provided only a partial answer and were not suitable for precision measurements for hams wishing to experiment and design instruments and radios in their ham shack. Until now new lab-grade instruments were beyond the reach of the average ham. But with the introduction of the new DPM6000, the paradigm has changed.

Says Roger Stenbock, W1RMS CEO of preciseRF, “Our team of talented engineers, all hams, are very proud to offer an affordable lab-grade power meter with the most extensive measurement set available anywhere at any price. The new DPM6000 measures power in watts and dBm, SWR, return loss, bar graph power & SWR, peak and average power, mismatch in dB and reflection coefficient, mismatch loss in %, watts & dBm and transmitted CW frequency with these exclusive features”:

  • High 70 dBm dynamic range
  • Couplers to measure power from -50 dBm (.01 uW) to  +63 dBm (2000W)
  • 500 MHz forward and reflected power, 6 GHz range with external sensor
  • 1 mW 0 dBm 50 MHz Power Reference
  • TCXO with an external reference clock input.

Introductory price at Hamvention is $725


TP1-PRO TUNING PULSER and SSB Standard introduced 

PreciseRF today introduced, for immediate sale, the TP1 PRO. It is a precision pulse generator to safely tune power amplifiers (often called linear amps) at high power levels. It is also a calibrated burst generator simulating the average sound levels of the “human voice” when evaluating power amplifiers.


According to Roger Stenbock, W1RMS CEO of preciseRF, “Our engineers at preciseRF have for some time now needed an accurate calibrated tuning pulser.  It’s primary application was for amplifier tuning and as a repeatable SSB modulation standard to make accurate PEP power measurements. None were to be found. So we created our own, and it is embodied in the  TP1-PRO TUNING PULSER.  It worked so well, we decided to put it in production and offer it to other hams needing one as well.”

The TP1 provides a modulation envelope consisting of a 2.5 KHz burst with an adjustable duration of 10 ms to 25 ms and rep rate of 20-50 Hz. The calibrated setting for a Crest factor of C=20 dB is a 10 ms burst and 25 Hz. The Pk-Pk output level is calibrated from -30 dBu to -3 dBu. This setting is repeatable and can be used as a standard when evaluating amplifier PEP performance.

PreciseRF was created by retired Tektronix engineer Roger M. Stenbock (W1RMS) were he worked as a design engineer on oscilloscopes and the TM500 instruments. With a small but dedicated professional staff, he is now serving the ham radio market.

Introductory price at Hamvention is $210