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TDR pulse generator model number updated to PreciseRF TDR-PG1

ITEM TDR-PG1 panelAurora, Oregon November 1, 2013 Our popular TDR pulse generator, formerly referred to as “TDR-CableScout” has been updated with new nomenclature to “PreciseRF TDR-PG1. This change was done to avoid confusion with another product called “CABLESCOUT” from a different manufacturer not affiliated with PreciseRF.

There is no change in performance to the PreciseRF TDR-PG1 and  PreciseRF TDR-PG1 Pro. Owners of the existing products need not do anything. Inventory, manufacturing, and marketing material will be updated accordingly.


3 thoughts on “TDR pulse generator model number updated to PreciseRF TDR-PG1

  1. what is the price of this unit?

  2. I saw this at the Hamvention – just wish you had one there available for purchase. Can you please send me the spec sheet and current pricing (the $495 as I recall would be nice).
    Michael / K7HIL

  3. You’ll really like the TDR-PG1 (I got the last one they had at the booth at Dayton!).

    73 – Dino KL0S

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