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Black Friday Sale!

Save up to $300 on select PreciseRF products, including our Magnetic Loop Antennas. But hurry! Like Thanksgiving leftovers, these deals won’t last long — our Black Friday sale ends on Monday, November 28, 2022.

$300 HG3 QRO Magnetic Loop Antenna

The HG3 QRO-A raises the bar for Magnetic Loop Antennas (MLA). MLAs are well known for their superior performance. The remotely tuned HG3 QRO-A MLA covers 80-10 meters with stepper motor precision and resolution. The high-Q vacuum capacitor allows for 1.5 KW PEP. The 45,000-step resolution delivers an unprecedented 511 Hz resolution bandwidth allowing you to set your band preferences spot on. Rapid-Tune automatically scans each band for the lowest SWR and works with most HF radios.

$150 off HG3 Pro & Express Magnetic Loop Antennas

The HG3 Mag Loop Antennas deliver unprecedented capability, performance, and convenience with proven, accurate, and repeatable stepper motor design. Band selection, remote tuning, optional loop rotation are controlled by a microcontroller driving a high-resolution stepper motor. An integrated digital SWR bridge allows auto-tuning based on an SWR scan — ensuring compatibility with most radios.

$50 off PreciseLOOP Antennas

The PreciseLOOP antennas are high gain Magnetic Loop Antennas. They can be deployed quickly and are ideal for use in places where size restrictions make full-size wire antennas impossible, or where there is not enough room to erect a conventional antenna. When designed and constructed properly, an MLA can perform as well or even better than a dipole antenna.