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HG3 Stepper Mag Loop Available

For Imediate Release

Jun 2, 2020 Aurora, Oregon

The HG3 Stepper MLA, our flagship magnetic loop antenna, is now available for sale. The HG3 MLA delivers unprecedented capability, performance and convenience. It employs a proven, accurate and repeatable stepper motor design.  Band selection, remote tuning, including optional loop rotation, is controlled by a microcontroller driving a high-resolution stepper motor.  An integrated digital SWR bridge allows auto-tuning based on an SWR scan. This ensures compatibility with most radios. Manual tuning uses a convenient rotary encoder knob – no more finicky push buttons. The four-line LCD shows the band selected, SWR, ERP, Cap value and more.

The new HG3 Stepper Mag Loop and companion microprossor based controller

Said Roger Stenbock – W1RMS: “Conceptually, an MLA is a very simple antenna. It is popular because of its performance and simplicity. So it’s no surprise the internet is filled with all types of MLA projects and experiments. Many created by ham radio experimenters. Some are quite elegant, promising impressive capability. Others are notworthy in their simplicity and minimalistic execution. Still others features sophisticated software based solutions.  They all serve the experimenters and home brew market well. My hat off to them. Yet, few, if any, of these projects are available for sale as a ready-to-go product. So many hams built their own MLAs. We listen to them. Many are our customers. They wanted more than the simple loop and touchy tuning cap. They wanted a professional grade, full feature, remotely tuned, no compromise, turn-key MLA.

That’s where the HG3 Stepper Mag Loop comes in.  It is a clean sheet of paper design. The development taking most of last year. Mostly by tackling the myriad of pro and con MLA factors and designing practical solutions. The result is the first turn-key, commercially available, micro controller based, stepper tuned MLA. One that combines auto tuning and rotation into one integrated, high performance package, ready to go on the air immediately.

A special thanks to the development team members: Rob Kirkpatrick KI6HNA – lead tuner design, Travis Cannon – lead firmware design, Audrie Crane-manager manufacturing, Harold Crane – fabrication and Florene Stenbock – word smith”

Price for a complete, turn-key package starts at $935. An introductory upgrade discount offer is available to all current preciseRF MLA customers. Order the HG3 Stepper Mag Loop here. Watch the HG3 Stepper Mag Loop video, get more details in the HG3 User Guide . For more information check – Editorial contact: Roger Stenbock W1RMS

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  1. How much power can I run through your new MLA? If I purchased an earlier version of one of your MLAs can I get a discount on the new MLA?

    1. Please see the Frequently asked questions:

      It should answer your questions.

  2. What is the cost of the HG3 QRO Mag Loop

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