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TDR-CableScout® in Production

cable scout production audrieAfter nearly a year of product design and development, we are pleased to announce that production of the TDR-CableScout® has began.

To meet the performance goals of our ultra fast rise time and pulse TDR function, we had to switch from axial leaded components to strip-line and SMD technology in the microwave circuitry. This required  new manufacturing processes using the latest in air-bath pre-heating and reflow hot air soldering methods.

The first production run exceeded our performance expectations. The TDR-CableScout® will be available for sale to ham radio operators May 31 at the Sea-Pac ham radio convention at Seaside, Oregon.

Shown above is Audrie, busy producing the first production run and really getting the hang of the Zephyrtronics hot air soldering equipment.
Cablescout production run.Below, the first run of instruments are going through final QC. Rob Kirkpatrick, developed the CPU and firmware, and Roger Stenbock designed the analog and high frequency circuit.

Said Roger “We are excited and are looking forward to show our new TDR CableScout ® to ham radio enthusiasts and to the engineering community.”