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PreciseRF open for business

The PresiseRF team is proud to announce opening the doors to our new business. Said Roger Stenbock “After a nearly a year of intense product development, production of inventory, (all in-house made in the USA), we are pleased that all the pieces, from product development, production of inventory, organizing and launching the eCommerce store, all came together.”

Immediately after opening our store, our first customer purchased the popular SMT-Pro Station Monitor. His order was placed on line. Success in starting a new business in the Ham Radio niche market is not guaranteed, and one always wonders what details might be overlooked. Fortunately, thanks to our dedicated team, the notification to sales, invoicing, and shipping occurred without a hitch.

A special thanks to Travis Cannon for his contribution. While not a ham (not yet),  Travis is an experienced computer scientist with the added benefit of his business expertise as an MBA.  He created the eCommerce store and provided us with marketing and business guidance so often overlooked by engineer types. Upon hearing of our fist sale Travis commented “Way to go team”

Also, we’d like to thank Rob Kirkpatrick KI6HNA, for his expertise in industrial design and ECB layout.  He is comfortable and very experienced with CAD tools. As a result, Rob was invaluable in creating and running the files on our CNC machine for our prototype boards. He reviewed the electrical design and asked the “what if” questions, keeping the design engineers honest. Rob’s philosophy is that quality must be designed into a product, and is much more difficult to achieve by testing alone. One of Rob’s favorite refrain “calculate twice, then check twice, then commit to the final design”  Good advice as virtually all our ECB boards passed muster on the first pass.

Production and sales manager Audrie Crane commented, “After spending months building inventory, this sale was really exciting and I look forward to working with Ham Radio customers to provide the best possible products and service”.


Roger W1RMS