Happy 2018 New Year – Save on PreciseLOOP Magnetic Loop Antennas

PreciseLOOP Magnetic Loop Antenna (MLA)
The PreciseLOOP antennas are for Receive and Transmit use. The new PreciseLOOP HG-1 is a high gain Magnetic Loop Antenna (MLA). It can be deployed quickly and is ideal for use in places where HOA restrictions make full size wire antennas impossible, or where there is not enough room to erect a conventional antenna. When designed and constructed properly, an MLA can perform as well or even better than a dipole antenna. Video MLA versus dipole


PreciseLOOP Appnote and Data Sheet.
In response to a number of inquiries from our customers, we have published an appnote covering the new PreciseLOOP antennas. In addition to a technical description, it also gives detailed information of the PreciseLOOP specifications.  Among the topics covered are maximizing gain, radiation patterns, loop current, SWR plots, comparisons to the dipole antenna, set-up and use and internet discussions. In makes an excellent adjunct to those using any loop antenna or to those considering buying one.



The PreciseLOOP is compared to a commercial portable dipole antenna.Test conducted in the field. New PreciseLOOP  Video

Check this video from Greg VA7BC

Deluxe PreciseLOOP HG-1 Antenna 

PreciseLOOP HG-1 Antenna

PreciseLOOP SOTA-1 Antenna