• NEW! DPM6000 Lab Grade Power Meter
  • Transmission line test TDR systemsDPM6000web1080
  • Directional Couplers
  • Return Loss Bridges
  • Station Monitors
  • Demodulators
  • Two Tone Test Generators
  • Maximize signal quality
  • Check transmission lines
  • Optimize antennas
  • Made at W1RMS

NEWS Release Hamvention May 2016

NEW! Users manual and applications note

If you have access to an Oscilloscope (under $200 at eBay) and use our ham radio test accessories, you can adjust your transmitters, amplifiers, tuners, transmission lines and antennas for best performance. You can be confident that you are transmitting a clean signal without splatter, with the best audio level and compression settings, at the maximum available power radiated from your antenna. You’ll get excellent signal reports with your clear audio and CW punching through the pileups and making rare DX contacts. Our accessories are carefully tested and calibrated using NIST certified equipment.

Preciserf Logo TV CHANNELWe are excited with the launch of the PreciseRF YouTube channel. The first in a series of application videos is the  TDR Tutorial Video.