Audrie and Roger at start of show

If you attended the Seaside Oregon 2017 SEA-PAC ham radio convention, you may have seen our new products.  Many of you received a demo of our new Precise LOOP Magnetic Loop Antenna (MLA). The interest was intense. As a result, in under twelve hours, we sold out the entire inventory of Loop antennas, tripods, baluns and 80 meter resonators we brought to SEA-PAC. We are now busy replenishing and building another larger production run to fill the demand. We expect the next production quantity to be ready early July, 2017.  The introductory show prices were $399 for the Precise LOOP High Gain model and $299 for the Precise LOOP SOTA model. We will update our website to make them available directly online at the show price for a limited time. In the meantime, check for more information. Mag-loop-data-sheet2.pdf

Roger explaining the benefits of the Precise LOOP to some of the many hams at the show.

Roger is explaining the unique loop benefits and performance to some of the many hams stopping by our booth. The 45W higher power and 80 Meter option, available on the Precise LOOP High Gain model, was of particular interest to those wishing to operate at field day and HOA limited QTH locations.






Eric Swartz WA6HHQ of Elecraft, using our new Precise LOOP.

Eric Swartz WA6HHQ of Elecraft, is shown using our new Precise LOOP in his booth. Eric was our very first Loop customer. A very low power beacon from QRPworks was ideal to demonstrate the benefits of the Elecraft KX2 and ease of tuning the Precise LOOP. He was very impressed with our loop and sent a number of customers our way.

The ultra fast (<50ps rise time) PG50PS was really well received. We sold a number to hams and home brew engineers. We received a lot of interest right away, some inquiries were from as far as Australia. The introductory and show price was $450. As soon as we get back to the office, we will update our website to make it available at the show price for a limited time directly online.  In the meantime, here is some additional information: PG50PS-datasheet2.pdf.