New Loop Antenna Products Introduced at 2019 SEA-PAC

Tuning the HG-1 WR Loop Video posted on YouTube

MLA Instructions Assembly, deployment and tuning.

PRESS RELEASE –  May 21, 2019

Aurora, Oregon: PreciseRF, announced today the introduction of the new HG-1 WR (water resistant) remotely tuned Magnetic Loop Antenna (MLA) intended for outdoor deployment and the companion AR-1 antenna rotator. Also introduced are a number of MLA accessories. For all the details click on the Catalog.

Said Roger Stenbock – W1RMS  “The Magnetic Loop Antenna (MLA) is well known for its superior selectivity, low noise and high directivity. Proper design plays a big part in this. To make this a reality, beta testing has been underway since October 2018.  Our dedicated team has been diligently working on these new products for the past year”.

We’ve received a ton of interest from our customers and are very excited to finally deliver these new products, which represent a significant advance in the evolution of practical Magnetic Loop Antennas. For detailed descriptions and prices on all the new products click on the links below:

Update: While not marked on the controller, the usable range of the RATE control is from approximately the 10 o’clock position to the MAX position with the knob CW position indexed at MAX (see the figure at right). Then alternately tap the DOWN and UP buttons for minimum SWR (any SWR under 2.0 is works very well). Also see MLA Instructions Assembly, deployment and tuning.

Also introduced is the DPM6000A. It is a major upgrade with a more accurate source impedance circuit for the power reference to our popular lab-quality power meter. Said Stenbock “With the new DPM6000A any ham or learning institution can now afford  a 80 dB dynamic range, highly accurate lab quality power meter for design and home brewing”. While not an antenna product, it is useful for SWR, impedance and QRP measurements, for dedicated antenna experimenters, enthusiasts and home-brew measurement applications.

All these new products will be available the annual SeaPac ham radio gathering in Seaside, Oregon. Please note: While we can take orders immediately, because of the Sea-Pac convention, we will not be able to ship any products until after the convention.

editorial contact: Roger Stenbock


The HG-1 Remote Loop Tuner
It is a compact, easy-to-use remote tuner for a Magnetic Loop Antenna (MLA). It is designed specifically as a retrofit for the popular preciseRF HG-1 MLA. Now you can place your HG-1 Magnetic Loop at a remote location, such as the top of your RV, away from obstructions, for better radiation efficiency and less interference. The controller features an efficient, low noise, pulse width modulated, motor controller.


PreciseLOOP Magnetic Loop Antenna (MLA)
The PreciseLOOP antennas are for Receive and Transmit use. The new PreciseLOOP HG-1 is a high gain Magnetic Loop Antenna (MLA). It can be deployed quickly and is ideal for use in places where HOA restrictions make full size wire antennas impossible, or where there is not enough room to erect a conventional antenna. When designed and constructed properly, an MLA can perform as well or even better than a dipole antenna.

The PreciseLOOP is compared to a commercial portable dipole antenna.Test conducted in the field. Video MLA versus dipole

New PreciseLOOP  Video

Check this video from Greg VA7BC

Deluxe PreciseLOOP HG-1 Antenna

PreciseLOOP HG-1 Antenna

PreciseLOOP SOTA-1 Antenna

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