HFS-1.5 HF Sampler/Coupler -30dB

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This wide-band RF sample/coupler inductively couples a sample of the high power RF (up to 1.5 KW PEP) passing from the RF IN to the RF OUT connector. The sampled RF signal is at a -30 dB level; that is a power gain of .001 (i.e. a power reduction of 1000:1). This reduced level conditions the RF so that is compatible with most oscilloscope vertical input amplifiers. For example, if your scope is set to 1v/div, then each division of signal equals 31.6 volts, (i.e. as if the scope was set to 31.6 volts/div).ITEM HFS-15

The sampled signal is very useful for analyzing HF transmissions on an oscilloscope and/or spectrum analyzer. Some of these uses include the measurement and monitoring of RF power output, SSB and AM modulation, CW keying, RTTY signal analysis and the evaluation of two tone testing.

Each HFS-1.5 HF sampler/coupler comes completely assembled in a premium shielded die cast aluminum alloy A380 housing. Each housing is blue baked enamel per Federal Standard 595 #25109 over primer wash per DOD-P-15328.

datasheet HFS-1.5 v2

Appnote 4 Power tests

Appnote 3 Spectrum analyzer test(2)



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Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 2.25 × 1.4 × 1.2 in

Max input power: 1,500 Watt PEP crest factor 4:1 Insertion loss: Negligible (< .01 dB) Bandwidth: 1-100 MHz (useable to 250 MHz) Impedance RF IN: 50ohm Impedance RF OUT: 50ohm Impedance sampler out: 50ohm VSWR: Better than 1:1.1 Return loss: > -25dB Sampler output level: -30dB +/- 1dB Sampler power gain: 0.001 Samper voltage gain: 0.0316 (1v/div=31.6V) Connectors RF IN/OUT: SO-239 Connector sampler OUT: BNC


RF/Power measurements Oscilloscope Vertical (Y input) (Post-Amplifier sampled signal) RF Modulation Envelope Monitor, Peak Envelope Power Monitor, Spectrum analyzer input.


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