VZ500 Variable Terminator

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VZ-500 (Range 0-500 ohm +/- 5%) precision variable terminator. It is a companion products for the popular RLB-E external reference return loss bridge. When used with the RLB-E it serves as an adjustable external reference to allow accurate cable impedance and return loss measurements in the frequency domain. The VZ500 can be used as an accurate adjustable variable termination to the reference input to the “External” port of the RLB-E. The VZ500 employs a very low inductance and capacitance variable resistor and connectors. The VZ-500 has  an excellent matched return loss of better than 30dB from DC to 500MHz

To use the VZ-500, adjust the variable terminator to the impedance you want using an accurate ohm meter. Then connect the VZ-500 variable terminator to the external reference input of the RLB-E. Connect the device to be measured to the DUT input and connect your oscilloscope to the detector output of the RLB-E. The matched return loss measurement will be better than 30dB. Return Loss Bridges operate by comparing the unknown impedance to a reference impedance. The INPUT port is connected to a test frequency source such as an RF oscillator or tracking generator from a spectrum analyzer. The DET (detector) is connected to an oscilloscope or spectrum analyzer for analysis. The DUT (device under test) is connected to the item to be tested such as an antenna, network, coax, or any other device.  If the impedances are exactly equal, than the detector output will be essentially zero.

Each VZ-500 comes completely assembled in a premium shielded die cast aluminum alloy A380 housing. Each housing is blue baked enamel per Federal Standard 595 #25109 over primer wash per DOD-P-15328.

For more information see:
http://preciserf.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/Appnote-5-2.pdf  and


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