T150 Step Attenuator

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41 dB 50 ohm 1 GHz Step Attenuator

Our 50 Ohm step attenuator is available with BNC connectors. RF dB attenuation value are a total of 41 dB. The resolution is 1 dB using UHF DPDT switches. The frequency range of the AT150 50 Ohm step attenuator is from DC to 1 GHz. These attenuators are ideal for ham radio application when testing receivers and bench test equipment. Features:

  • DC-1GHz Bandwidth
  • 50 ohm strip line design
  • UHF DPDT switches
  • Pi-Pad attenuators
  • 20, 10, 6, 3, 1, 1, dB attenuation
  • Rugged Shielded case
  • Ergonomically configured switches
  • Excellent accuracy




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