Signal Check Kit

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      • TTF1 Two Tone Generator
      • HF-15 High Frequency Sampler
      • Pelican Case


The handy Signal Check Kit

The kit includes the key components needed to measure transmitter signal quality. The Two Tone Generator provides the signal source to measure IMD of transmitter RF. The HF Sampler samples your transmitter signal for analyses on your oscilloscope.ITEM XMITCHECK KIT CU

Two Tone Generator

The TTG1 delivers a standard 2-tone (700Hz and 1900 Hz) audio source for testing radio transmitters, RF amplifier and adjusting modulation settings. It employs two low distortion oscillators (700Hz and 1900 Hz) to analyze SSB and AM transmitter performance for Intermodulation distortion (IMD) products, harmonic splatter, and excessive audio compression and modulation qualities. This type of testing is often used as a measure of transmitter linearity. Linearity affects both SSB fidelity and the amount of SSB splatter which may cause adjacent channel interference.


This wideband RF sample/coupler inductively couples a sample of the high power RF (up to 1.5 KW PEP) passing from the RF IN to the RF OUT connector. The sampled RF signal is at a -30 dB level; that is a power gain of .001 (i.e. a power reduction of 1000:1). This reduced level conditions the RF so that is compatible with most oscilloscope vertical input amplifiers. For example, if your scope is set to 1v/div, then each division of signal equals 31.6 volts, (i.e. as if the scope was set to 31.6 volts/div).

Pelican Case

The Pelican’s cases unique Pick ‘N Pluck foam. This foam is pre-cut which allows you to customize the interior by half inch cubes. The unbreakable case is, watertight, airtight, dust-proof, chemical resistant and corrosion proof.  It is made of Ultra High Impact structural copolymer that makes it extremely strong and durable. Its exclusive 1/4″ (6.4 mm) neoprene o-ring and ABS latches seal perfectly and includes an automatic purge valve for quick equalization after changes in atmospheric pressure.


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