MWSD6 6 GHz Microwave Sensor for DPM6000 Power Meter

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 The MWSD6 is a diode sensor designed for the DPM1A digital RF power meter.

Power meters used with diode power sensors are a good choice for measuring RF power in many applications. The MWSD6 is a diode sensor designed for the DPM6000 digital RF power meter. The DPM6000 power meter provide accurate RF power measurement results, typically in the range of ±0.5 dB. Such accuracy is possible because the meters and sensors are characterized and correction factors are applied to remove any non-linearities that may arise during conversion from RF power to DC voltage.


Ket Features

  •   Excellent 6 GHz BW to cost ratio
  •   Superior linearity
  •   Meets most Ham radio requirements
  •   50 dBm dynamic range
  •   Microwave construction
  •   Outstanding accuracy
  •  Measure microwave power


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