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Magnetic Loop tuner module

It is intended as a replacement or spare for the HG-1 Magnetic Loop Antenna. It is the tuning module only. It does not include the radiation loop, induction loop, mast, bag or tripod. If you are using the remote tuner, having this spare manual tuner gives you manual tuning capability ew-without having to remove the external motor assembly and re-installing the manual tuning components.


Low Loss Tuner Module 
The tuner is the heart of any MLA. The capacitor must be very low loss with high Q. It must have sufficient high voltage rating to handle the designed power. The PreciseLOOP HG-1 features a custom dual stator high Q air variable capacitor driven by a 6:1 reduction dial along with calibrated dial markings.

You get the case including tuning capacitor and connectors full assembled. The components are mounted on a high quality PCB. This insures ideal impedance match, low losses, and repeatability. Included is an accessory port on the bottom of the PreciseLOOP HG-1 case. Each component is HIPOT tested to ensure you get constant and reliable performance.


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