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TP1-PRO KIT  TUNING PULSER & SSB CAL. (Requires soldering and assembly)

This kit contains all the components including front panel to build the TUNING STANDARD & SSB CAL. STANDARD. Not included are the case, knobs, universal male and female 8pin DIN microphone interface cables and 9V Power supply wall wart. They are available as a separate option. See the TP1-PRO APP NOTE USER ASSEMBLY MANUAL for additional details.

Amplifier Tuning and Power Considerations
The TP1 is a precision pulse generator to safely tune power amplifiers (often called linear amps) at high power levels. It is also a calibrated burst generator simulating the average sound levels of the “human voice” when evaluating power amplifiers.TP1 KIT

The TP1 provides a modulation envelope consisting of a 2.5 KHz burst with an adjustable duty cycle between 10 ms to 25 ms and rep rate of 20-50 Hz. The calibrated setting for a Crest factor of C-20dB is 10 ms and 25 Hz. This setting is repeatable and can be used as a standard when evaluating amplifier performance.

Burst Frequency: 2.5KHz +/- 200 Hz
Burst Duration: 10ms to 25 ms +/- 2 ms
Rep Rate: 20Hz to 50Hz +/- 5 Hz
Pulse Output Z: 600 ohms
Power Source: Microphone line or external 9-12 VDC
Pressing PTT enables pulse output. Releasing PTT reverts microphone to normal operation.
Aux In: suitable for Two Tone test generator such as
the PreciseRF model TTG

Optional universal male and female 8pin DIN microphone interface cables available, case, knobs, and power 9V Power supply.TP1-PRO-cable1080

Compatible with most Elecraft, Kenwood, Icom and Yeasu transceivers (selected via internal DIP switch)



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