The LAB tuner was designed for those users wanting ultra fine capacitor positioning. This fine control is occasionally wanted by engineers and home brew operators. The LAB version uses a micro stepped NMEA 17 stepper motor with a 40:1 low backlash worm drive and limit switches. This allows up to 8000 discrete steps over the 180 degree range (.0225 deg) of the tuning capacitor rotation, as opposed to 2000 steps (.09 deg) for the EXPRESS and PRO stepper motors. A USB key inserted in the controller selects the LAB tuner mode. The tuner is more complex and requires mechanical and electronic assembly skills. Compatible only with to the HG3 Stepper Mag Loop Pro version.

The dual stator tuning capacitor, stepper motor and driver are mounted on a circuit board.  It is housed in a premium water-resistant case with a silicone rubber gasket, made in the USA by Polycase. It is made to UL Listed to UL508-4x specifications, constructed of durable, impact-resistant UV Stabilized Polycarbonate material and is water-resistant. It is not waterproof. Under extreme conditions, water can enter the tuner and render it permanently unusable.


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