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This outdoor deployable MLA covers the 40m through 10m bands (80m-60m with an optional resonator). Many hams want to use their MLA outdoors in harsher weather conditions with remote operation capability. It is ideal for HOA and other fixed installations. It features remote tuning in a weather sealed enclosure. Control is via the new HG-2 universal controller and common CAT-6 cable. The remote tuner features end-of-cap travel limit switches for long life.

While there is a shallow learning curve to get used to remote tuning, SWR is as low as the manually tuned HD-1 which uses the identical tuning capacitor. We recommend, for convenient and quick tuning to lowest SWR, using an auto tuner such as those found in the KX2 or similar transceivers. For permanent installations, the HG-1 WR requires a mounting mast (10’ TV antenna type mast and “U” brackets which are available from home improvement stores). The remote operation has been tested to 150’.

Package Includes:

  • HG-1 WR water resistant tuner/resonator
  • HG-2 universal controller
  • LMR600 10′ low loss radiation loop & copper induction loop
  • PVC three section mast
  • 12′ 50Ω feed line
  • 12′ CAT6 control cable
  • RJ45 T adapter

Note, while not marked on the controller, with the knob at the maximum CW position indexed at MAX, the usable range of the RATE control is from approximately the 10 o’clock position to the MAX position (see the figure below). Alternately tap the DOWN and UP buttons for minimum SWR (any SWR under 2.0 is works very well)


SWR/RL 14 MHz: 1.01 / 41.09 dB,
29 MHz: 1.14 / 23.40 dB
LOOP CURRENT 14 MHz @ 10 W: 3.5 A.
29 MHz @ 10 W: 3.0 A
BW (2.5 SWR) 14 MHz: 43.1 kHz,
29 MH: 321 kHz
RADIATION CURRENT 14 MHz @ 10 W: 1.54 A,
29 MHz @ 10 W: 2.73 A;
IMPEDANCE 14 MHz: 59.17 Ω,
29 MHz: 56.85 Ω
LOSS CURRENT 14 MHz @ 10 W: 1.96 A,
29 MHz @ 10 W: 279 mA
INDUCTION LOOP Copper tube 26”


POWER RADIATION 14 MHz @ 10 W: 4.44 W,
29 MHz @ 10 W: 9.10 W
RADIATION LOOP Low loss LMR 600 120” EFFICIENCY % 14 MHz @ 10 W, 44%,
-3.5 dB
29 MHz @ 10 W, 91%
-.4 dB
SURFACE AREA 113 sq. in s GAIN 14 MHz @ 10 W: 1.6dBi (3-7 *dBd)
29 MHz @ 10 W: 1.7dBi (3-7 *dBd)
* versus Dipole at 12’

Air variable dual stator


TUNING METHOD 6:1 calibrated dial Mast 3 feet 6” PVC 1” diameter
29 MHz: 104
Weight with bag 4 lb.; Included items: 10′ Radiator, Induction Loop, tuner, Bag
RADIATION RESISTANCE (Rrad) 14 MHz @ 10 W: .074 Ω,
29 MHz @ 10 W: 1.36 Ω
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