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The SMT-Pro Station Monitor is recommended for both QRP (low power) and QRO (high power) operation. When connected to a low cost oscilloscope, it allows the adjustment and tuning of the entire transmitting chain including the transceiver, RF amplifier, and other components. It is designed for transceiver output levels of up to 100 Watts driving linear RF amplifiers. It features a wide band sampler, a high performance demodulator, a variable base band output and an oscilloscope trigger output.


A Linear RF amplifier commonly amplifies an RF signal from 20-100 Watts by 20dB or more to about 500-1,500 Watts. With a low cost oscilloscope, many found on eBay, the SMT-Pro makes a complete high performance station monitor for SSB & AM modes.


datasheet SMT-Prov2

Appnote 1 Trapezoid test(2)

Appnote 6 Station montor selection(2)

Appnote 4 Power tests

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 1 in
Specifications high level sampler

Max input power: 1,500 Watt PEP Insertion loss: Negligible (< .01 dB) Frequency Response: 1-100 MHz (Usable to 250 MHz) Impedance RF IN: 50 ohm Impedance RF OUT: 50 ohm Impedance sampler out: 50 ohm VSWR: 1:1.1 or less Return loss: >25dB Sampler output level: -30dB Sampler power gain: 0.001 Samper voltage gain: 0.0316 (1v/div=31.6V) Connectors RF IN/OUT: SO-239 Connectors sampler OUT: BNC

Specifications demodulator RF IN/OUT

Maximum RF IN: 200W PEP with crest factor of 4: 1 Isolation RF IN/OUT to DEMOD OUT: > 50dB Insertion loss: Negligible VSWR : Less than 1.1:1 Return loss: >25dB Impedance DEMOD RF IN/OUT: 50ohms

Specifications demodulator

Baseband RF detection: AM and SSB Spurious THD: < -60dB Linearity: .5-100 Watt 1-98% Rise/fall time: < 10us aberrations less than 5% Output coefficient: -20dB externally variable Impedance DEMOD OUT: 47K Impedance TRIGGER OUT: 47K


Ideally suited for monitoring, testing and analyzing transceiver and RF amplifier transmitters signals using the trapezoid method; includes a high power sampler/coupler signal conditioner and integrated SSB and AM baseband demodulator.


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