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The PreciseLOOP EXPRESS Magnetic Loop Antenna (MLA) is a lower cost model that includes just the basics but with the same high quality and performance.

(Tripod shown is optional not included)

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The Express Magnetic Loop Antenna (MLA) is a convenient, lightweight antenna, which can be deployed quickly and is ideal for use in places where HOA restrictions make full size wire antennas impossible, or where there just is not enough room to erect a conventional antenna. Many operators favor the MLA for field day and SOTA operations. When designed and constructed properly, a MLA can perform as well or even better than a dipole antenna. A MLA is a very simple antenna. It is just an inductor formed by a wire loop and capacitor tuned to resonance. How well this antenna works depends on several factors: The PreciseLOOP EXPRESS is optimized for portable operations featuring greater power handling capability (45W PEP), a precision 6:1 reduction dial with calibrated dial marking, a high surface area 38″  LMR400 radiation loop and copper tube induction loop. Included in the package are the LMR400 radiator loop, copper coupling loop, HG-1 tuner,  three section PVC mast and basic bag. (not included are the tripod and adaptor, cables, and premium embroidered padded carrying bag).

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Low Loss Tuner
The tuner is the heart of any MLA. The capacitor must be very low loss with high Q. It must have sufficient high voltage rating to handle the designed power. The PreciseLOOP HG-1 features a custom dual stator high Q air variable capacitor driven by a 6:1 reduction dial along with calibrated dial markings.

High Quality Components
The components are mounted on a high quality PCB. This insures ideal impedance match, low losses, and repeatability. Included is an accessory port on the bottom of the PreciseLOOP HG-1 case. Each component is HIPOT tested to ensure you get constant and reliable performance.


SWR/RL: 14 MHz: 1.01 / 41.09 dB, 29 MHz: 1.14 / 23.40 dB; BW: 14 MHz: 43.1 kHz, 29 MH: 321 kHz; IMPEDANCE: 14 MHz: 59.17 Ω, 29 MHz: 56.85 Ω; INDUCTION LOOP: Copper tube 26”; RADIATION LOOP: Low loss LMR 400 120”; CONDUCTOR SURFACE AREA :75.0 sq. in; TUNING CAPACITOR: Air variable dual stator; TUNING METHOD: 6:1 calibrated dial; QUALITY FACTOR (Q): 14 MHz: 339, 29 MHz: 90.4; Rrad: 14 MHz @ 10 W: .074 Ω,  29 MHz @ 10 W: 1.36 Ω; Rloss: 14 MHz @ 10 W: 0.124 Ω, 29 MHz @ 10 W: 0.179 Ω; I Loop Radiator: 14 MHz @ 10 W: 3.0 A. 29 MHz @ 10 W: 2.8 A; Irad: 14 MHz @ 10 W: 1.11 A, 29 MHz @ 10 W: 2.46 A; Iloss: 14 MHz @ 10 W: 1.89 A, 29 MHz @ 10 W: .330 A; POWER rad: 14 MHz @ 10 W: 3.70 W, 29 MHz @ 10 W: 8.8 W; EFFICIENCY: % 14 MHz @ 10 W: 37% -4.3 dB, 29 MHz @ 10 W: 88% -.5 dB; GAIN: 14 MHz @ 10 W: 1.5dBi (3-7 *dBd), 29 MHz @ 10 W: 1.5dBi (3-7 *dBd) * Dipole at 12 feet; MAX POWER: 45W PEP (SSB); Mast: 3 feet 6” PVC 1” dia.; Weight with bag: 4 lb.; Included items: 10′ Radiator, Induction Loop, tuner, Bag

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