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The HG-1 WR (Water Resistant) remote is designed for the harsher outdoor environment and fixed installations. It is a durable, easy-to-use, remote tuner upgrade to your existing HG-1 MLA using its radiation and induction loops and mast. It features end-of-cap travel limit switches for long life. It uses the new HG-2 universal controller.

To maximize reliability found in the harsher environmental conditions outdoors, this remote tuner uses a lower RPM motor and no reduction gear. For this reason, there is a shallow learning curve to get used to remote tuning. SWR is as low as the manually tuned HD-1 which uses the identical tuning capacitor. We recommend, for convenient and quick tuning to lowest SWR, using an auto-tuner, such as those found in the KX2 or similar transceivers. The remote operation has been tested to 150’. In summary, the HG-1 RS features:
extended band coverage 40m through 10m (CW) bands (80n-60m with an optional resonator)

Package includes:

  • HG-1 WR water resistant tuner/resonator
  • HG-2 Universal controller
  • 12′ CAT 6 control cable
  • RJ45 T adapter


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