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Perhaps you’ve seen our ad in QST and CQ showing a new remote rotator. It is real and we have been beta testing it and other exciting new products and are gearing up production.  Here is the lowdown from the marking folks:

This rotator is intended to work with all our magnetic loops antennas, Buddy-Pole™ and similar lightweight directional antennas. It can be mounted using a camera type tripod or regular antenna tripods such as the Buddy-Pole™ tripod. It will work from 9-12 VDC or an internal battery.

HG-2 REMOTE CONTROLLER (tuner/rotator)
This controller is intended to remotely tune and rotate, using the AR-1 ANTENNA ROTOR, all our magnetic loop antennas. It also replaces the existing HG-1 remote tuner controller. It will work from 9-12 VDC or an internal battery.

MLT-1 MAG LOOP “L Network” Antenna Tuner
It is a small lightweight universal feed-line matching manual tuner for those using magnetic loop antennas without an automatic antenna tuner.

HG-1 WR REMOTE TUNER (water resistant)
It is intended for permanent deployment of a magnetic loop antenna in the outdoor environment, It uses the LMR600 radiation loop which is identical to our HG-1 magnetic loop antennas. It will tune 40 through 10-meter ham bands at 45W PEP max and optionally, 80-60 meter ham bands at 10W PEP.

DPM6000A Digital Power Meter
While not an antenna product, it is useful for SWR, impedance and QRP measurements, for dedicated antenna experimenters, enthusiasts and home-brew measurement applications. It is a major upgrade to our existing DPM6000 Digital Power Meter.

Stay tuned. We intend to announce all these products as a product line at once mid May this spring.

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