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PreciseLOOP Application Note Published

New PreciseLOOP Appnote and Data Sheet. In response to a number of inquiries from our customers, we have published an appnote covering the new PreciseLOOP antennas. In addition to a technical description, it also gives detailed information of the PreciseLOOP specifications. Among the topics covered are maximizing gain, radiation patterns, loop current, SWR plots, comparisons […]

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FREE DPM6000 Power Meter Upgrade

FREE DPM6000 POWER METER UPGRADE Users of the popular DPM6000 Power Meter may have their unit upgraded FREE with new firmware (V2.40) and a minor mod in the log amplifier module to improve the frequency response flatness. Units shipped prior to 9/1/17 only specified the frequency range (50KHz to 500 MHz) but not the frequency […]

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PreciseLOOP Antenna and ultra fast PG50PS now shipping

Hi all, We had a tremendous response to our new products at the SEAPAC ham radio convention at Seaside Oregon. We were caught a little off guard. As a result, we ran out of new product inventory very quickly. Our manufacturing capacity was recently upgraded and we are proud to announce all our new products […]

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New Loop Antenna was a big Hit at SEA-PAC ham radio show.

New Loop Antenna was a big Hit at SEA-PAC ham radio show.

If you attended the Seaside Oregon 2017 SEA-PAC ham radio convention, you may have seen our new products.  Many of you received a demo of our new Precise LOOP Magnetic Loop Antenna (MLA). The interest was intense. As a result, in under twelve hours, we sold out the entire inventory of Loop antennas, tripods, baluns and 80 meter resonators […]

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PreciseRF Introduces three new product at the Seaside, Oregon SEA-PAC Show

PreciseRF Introduces three new product at the Seaside, Oregon SEA-PAC Show

We are excited to announce three new products at the Seaside Oregon SEA-PAC ham radio show. Call or visit us at our display in Seaside and check out these new products. We will have inventory in stock for immediate delivery. The New PG50PS is an all new ultra high performance pulse/TDR generator for testing transmission lines, […]

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Happy 2017 – Let’s all make America Great again!

Wishing you a prosperous and healthy 2017.  Save Big! Many products on sale for the new year, including our popular new TDR-Cable Radar® Introducing the new NEW TDR-Cable Radar® Pro  The TDR-Cable Radar® Pro is a major upgrade to the discontinued CableScout.  The TDR-Cable Radar® Pro features an improved GUI, faster pulse rise time and all new firmware, making measurements simpler and quicker. It is an affordable precision TDR pulse […]

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From Dayton Ohio Hamvention 2016 to SEAPAC Oregon

This was our first attendance at Hamvention in Dayton Ohio. We drove in our HAM RV (W1RMS) from Oregon to Dayton Ohio loaded with our display booth and products. While we knew there would be more hams attending than at the regional ham shows we attend as vendors, we had no idea just how big Hamvention really was. Some estimated more than […]

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: New products to be announced at May 20-22, 2016 Hamvention

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: CONTACT: Roger M. Stenbock W1RMS Web site: preciserf.com 503-320-6152 Email Address: arrlw1rms@gmail.com This news release is available at www.preciseRF.com on the home page. DPM 6000 Lab-Grade SWR/Power Meter introduced.  Dayton Ohio May 19, 2016 PreciseRF today introduced, for immediate sale, two exciting new products at the annual Hamvention in Dayton Ohio (Booth […]

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ITEM TDR-PG1 panel

TDR pulse generator model number updated to PreciseRF TDR-PG1

Aurora, Oregon November 1, 2013 Our popular TDR pulse generator, formerly referred to as “TDR-CableScout” has been updated with new nomenclature to “PreciseRF TDR-PG1“. This change was done to avoid confusion with another product called “CABLESCOUT” from a different manufacturer not affiliated with PreciseRF. There is no change in performance to the PreciseRF TDR-PG1 and  PreciseRF TDR-PG1 Pro. Owners […]

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TDR Pulse Generator provided with individual calibration data

Our latest manufacturing run (manufactured in the USA) of our popular TDR pulse generator now features individualy calibratd TDR pulse data and pulse outputs rise times times under 150 ps. Each unit in this manufacturing run calibrated and performed better than our published specifications. Feedback from current users has been positive, and no firmware upgrades are […]

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